Any current BAYC/MAYC NFT holder is eligible to participate in the 2022 3D APE airdrop.
1 BAYC (or 1 MAYC) = 1 3D APE. A single wallet is able to hold up to 20 unique NFTs.
There are no exceptions, no matter your situation. Each holder is checked by our official contract.
Are you ready for the next phase of the BAYC project?
To participate in the airdrop, please allow your wallet to be connected to the website. Upon successful connection, you are required to make a one-time interaction with the BAYC smart contract to verify the authenticity of your BAYC token.
(Please note that you will not be charged any Ethereum for the transaction, though different gas fees will apply, depending on the status of the network)
Mobile browsers aren't supported! Please visit the website on your computer.